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Why did we put coffee in tea bags?

Updated: May 24, 2021

The coffeemaker pot in our office gets emptied in less than 10 minutes. Probably 3 to 4 people get to have their fill of freshly brewed coffee and usually no one likes to make a batch. We would simply take out our 3-in-1 instant coffee stash and make ourselves a cup to kickstart a productive day.

For us, it was the sugar in the instant coffee that was giving me all the energy rather than the caffeine. Freshly brewed coffee just had a different kick, but it was so inconvenient to make.

So how do we make brewed coffee convenient? The idea was so simple just put coffee in tea bags - steep for a few minutes then you would have something that we can call instantly brewed coffee.

The best part? No equipment needed - you can make coffee without a coffeemaker, french press, pour overs, or moka pot.

Coffeebags are perfect regardless of the weather or what you feel - use it to make hot coffee or cold brew. The options are endless and you get to enjoy your coffee wherever you are.

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