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In Lia’s Baul, we feature nostalgic products that would remind you of fond memories. Imagine opening a baul filled with valuables that was passed down generation to generation.The idea started with a food trip to Lipa, Batangas, our friend’s hometown. When we visited their house, someone asked “Kape?” Instantly, we felt welcomed and ‘at home’. An invitation to drink coffee is like a symbol of hospitality and a beautiful example of Pinoy (Filipino) culture.

The coffee was Barako brewed the traditional way or “nilaga”. The coffee hit us differently, as we were used to the acidity from big coffee chains using Arabica and Robusta beans. At that time, one of us was struggling with a minor acid reflux and was surprised that Barako was rich in flavor but without the sour aftertaste and acidity. 

Our dream is to let others experience the sense of belonging and home that we felt when someone asked “Kape?”. Working in the office, we knew why most people would prefer instant coffee or 3-in-1s. Making brewed coffee took time and needed equipment (like a coffee maker) and most of the time you don’t have that. So in 2019, we decided to offer convenience and put Barako into coffee (tea) bags. This enables you to bring your coffee anywhere and share moments of comfort anytime. 

We believe that Barako is one of the quintessential symbols of Filipino pride. Afterall, there was once a time that coffee was one the Philippine’s biggest exports. We started with coffee, but we won’t stop there. 

Just like our lola’s (grandmother’s) baul which held valuables. Lia’s Baul  is filled with “Only Good Things that you can open will be there whenever you miss the comforting warmth of home. Whenever you miss the comforting warmth of your home, Lia’s Baul will be there - filled with “Only Good Things”.

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