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Do roasting levels affect the taste of coffee?

Updated: May 24, 2021

Unlike steak, where restaurants will ask what level of doneness do you prefer. No one in a coffee shop will usually ask what kind of roast do you prefer?

We had an opportunity to have a taste of the same beans from light, medium, to dark roast. The flavor progression that developed in each roast level was different. One can even argue and doubt if it really came from the same beans.

We wanted to share the same experience with you. Our first Kape Discovery Series was for coffee enthusiasts to try the same beans roasted in 3 different levels. To make the experience even more special, we were able to support a processing experiment of fermenting coffee in pandan leaves before roasting.No artificial flavouring or oils was used during the process.

Despite using the same bean and process, exploring roasting levels was a chance to discover how this part of the coffee production is able to bring out different flavors. To taste is to believe, get yourself a box of the first of the Kape Discovery Series: Barako Pandan. Find out what roasting level do you like best.

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